Explore the links below to access the videos with step-by-step instructions to carry out all the activities in the book "Read and Learn! 02". You can also use Google Lens to read the QR-codes on the book pages.


01 - Paper Plane 01

You can go to the menu and print the template for this plane as a guide to teach children how to build it, but after watching the video, you will see that the template is not required.


02 - Paper Plane 02

As in the previous instruction, the template for this paper airplane is not necessary to assemble the toy.


03 - Catapult with wooden clothespin

This toy is very easy to assemble, requiring only quick-drying glue, a bottle cap and a wooden clothespin.


04 - Catapult with plastic clothespin

A little more complicated, but just as fun. You will need a wooden clothespin, a plastic clothespin with a wide opening angle, a bottle cap, an ice cream stick, quick-drying glue and tape.


05 - Pierce a latex balloon with a toothpick without bursting

A fun trick to do with friends or family, requiring just a latex balloon, a barbecue stick and dishwashing detergent or cooking oil.


06 - Pierce a latex balloon with a pin without bursting

Another creative trick, with a latex balloon, tape and a pin or needle.


07 - Static Electricity - magnet

A fascinating demonstration of static electricity, requiring only a woolen fabric and a hard plastic object.


08 - Static Electricity - Telekinesis

An engaging trick that captivates children, with simple materials.


09 - Static Electricity - the big challenge

An intriguing activity that challenges understanding of static electricity.


10 - Dominant eye

Another surprising trick that intrigues children, using just a rolled-up sheet of paper.


11 - Trick - how to fit two clips

A creative trick that requires attention, I suggest printing the template to help with the execution.


12 - Trick - how to pass the body through a hole in the paper

A fantastic challenge that seems impossible at first glance, but is surprisingly easy if you download the template Fand watch the video.


13 - Trick - how to assemble an impossible figure

An intriguing fold that looks complicated but is simple with the video instructions.


14 - How can planes fly?

An engaging science experiment that explains the flight of planes, the template is available in the menu.