Ready to embark on another journey of learning and fun with the book "Read and Learn! 02"?


Just like the first volume, this book presents a variety of manual activities carefully designed to stimulate readers' creativity and learning.


Below you will find links to the templates needed to carry out each of these activities. Enjoy and have fun!


Paper Plane - 01

Make a simple airplane that kids can use to play indoors or outdoors.


Paper Plane - 02

This plane only uses one sheet of A4 paper. It is not necessary to print the template; just watch the video on YouTube with step-by-step instructions. All videos are available in the menu above.


Impossible Figure

A fun game to play with friends or family, using just paper and scissors. The template helps the child remember the steps to assemble this folding.


Pass the body through a hole in the paper

A fantastic and simple challenge to complete, with the help of the printed template.


Challenge friends to fit two clips together

A fun trick to do with friends and family, using just a strip of paper and two paper clips. The printed template helps the child remember the steps step by step.


How does an airplane wing work?

A simple experiment to show children how the wind passing over the plane's wing is responsible for making it fly.