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Playing at creating







According to the 2020 World Economic Forum report, the future job market will require cognitive skills such as problem-solving, creativity, critical thinking, leadership, and teamwork. To develop these skills in children as young as four years old, the book 'Playing to Create' has been launched. It presents a simple and economical four-week experience for parents to assemble toys with their children.


The book suggests four easy-to-assemble toys: Tweezers, a Ball Launcher, a Fishing Game, and an Equilibrist Butterfly. Each of them can be completed in a few minutes by an adult. By assembling these toys, parents encourage their children's creativity and imagination, allowing them to discover new ways of thinking and communicating.


The book also provides an opportunity for parents and children to learn together and have fun in a collaborative, creative, and safe environment. We believe that this experience will help prepare children for the future while strengthening the bond between parents and children.