Here, you will find a collection of tutorials that accompany the Book "Read and Learn! 01", showing step by step how to carry out each of the proposed activities.


I hope these visuals make the process even more engaging and inspiring.


Without further ado, let's dive into the activities and discover together the wonders that the book "Read and Learn!" has to offer.


01 - Metal clip do not sink into water
This simple experiment only requires a glass of water and two metal clips.


02 - Water and money
This experiment can also be a group game and only requires some water, a coin and a dropper, pipette or small spoon.


03 - Magnifying glass with plastic
A curious and creative activity that uses just a piece of transparent plastic and a drop of water. It's very easy to make and kids love it.


04 - Magnifying lens with frame
Another way to create a magnifying glass, which requires a glass of water, a piece of malleable wire, and a pencil.


05 - Paper fish that knows how to swim
Demonstrates how soap reduces the surface tension of water. You will need a container with water, a piece of paper or the fish mold (click here to download), a toothpick and dishwashing detergent.


06 - Spiral in water
Demonstrates how detergent decreases the surface tension of water. You will need a container of water, a 25 cm piece of wire, a toothpick and dishwashing detergent.


07 - The clip in the water and the water in the money
Two additional experiments to demonstrate how soap decreases the surface tension force of water.


08 - Anti-bubble
Although it is not an easy experience, the results are incredible. You will need a glass of water, dishwashing detergent, and a soda straw.


09 - Challenging Illusions
This video presents two illusions from the book. The downloadable files are available in the "PDFs Book 01" option in the menu.


10 - Pepper in water and Corante in milk
These are two experiments that demonstrate how detergent reduces the force of surface tension in liquids, whether water or milk. You will need a plate, water, dish soap, chili powder or oregano, a toothpick, food coloring, and milk. The experience is more interesting with whole milk.


11 - Animation with 2 frames
An activity loved by children, teaching how to create a simple animation. The template is available for download in the menu or by clicking here.


12 - Walking elephant
This toy is simply brilliant: a cardboard elephant that walks down a ramp! You will need the template, which is also available for download in the menu or by clicking here. Additionally, you will need 8-ounce cardboard or thin hard cardboard, scissors, and glue.